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Learn A Little Recon

Paintball is not just a game played by kids in people's backyards.  It has become an international sport that has even gained television coverage on Spike TV and ESPN.  Paintball is the FASTEST growing extreme sport.  Hundreds of thousands of games are open to the public every year.

Paintball is played on a speedball course or many times in the woods.  Many people play paintball worldwide, the largest game being Oklahoma DDay, with nearly 5000 players and 10000 campers.  At large events such as Oklahoma DDay, vendors set up and basically an entire functioning city emerges for a week, then disappears.

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Our team is currently scheduling for pick-up games and try-outs.  Check out the scheduling link to the left if you want to play with us or against us.

Tour of Duty '07

Old News

We attended Oklahoma DDay 2006, lots of fun!!!  The SPPL Qualifier was held, here are the rankings
1st Place Gridlock
2nd Place Muddy Water Boys
3rd Place Wetworkz
4th Place Wolf Guard
5th Place AZ-SOCOM

Tippman has recently produced the C-3 pump action marker, the first marker to run off propane.

Tippman has united with Specialops Paintball and the two have come out with the new Tippman X7!